Hypnosis & Ayahuasca Integration

From the earliest stages of my foray into shamanism, my intention was to heal and the first message or insight I received in response to this intention was “Everything you need is inside of you”. It’s not an original notion and I’m sure that I had heard this somewhere before but I don’t think I took this idea as seriously as I began to once I embarked on the shamanic path of healing. It was a vital theme for my personal growth and it helped me to put my focus where it needed to be to have the most impact on my well-being. That was over 5 years ago and it has served me well. I have experienced many plant medicines, shamanic healings/retreats and I used many tools along the way and all of them confirmed the fact that changing from within was indeed powerful and always helped to change my life experience for the better.

I then began to search for the best tool to offer others to assist them in doing this inner work. I searched for something empowering that resonated with me and that honoured this most essential theme of focusing within to bring about positive changes in one’s life. I was very surprised to discover that hypnosis answered this description and served as the ultimate tool for shamanic healing. In the past, I never saw hypnosis as being empowering in any way. Like many, I saw it as a disempowering practice that people used to potentially control others but this was an illusion and a misconception on my part. I initially had many such misconceptions about spirituality and even shamanism, probably due to how it was represented in the media and in other ways that I had been exposed to throughout my life. What a revelation it was to discover how empowering hypnosis could be! It was a pleasant surprise and I still marvel at the positive impact it has had on so many people’s lives including my own.

After studying and working with hypnosis, the shamanic applications of it were so evident it seems to me now that it must have evolved out of the ancient practices of shamanic journeying and meditation. In my experience and practice, hypnosis is a powerful combination of both. Hypnosis is a tool of self-discovery, which allows us to not only deeply explore our inner world but to begin to heal it as well. It allows us to discover inner programming and to change it for the better. It can also serve to facilitate a connection to higher consciousness to gain invaluable insights with unlimited potential. It’s a fascinating and transformative process that reveals to us our own unlimited potential. It is also a practice that we can begin to cultivate and do independently. As any truly empowering tool does, it engenders a sense of autonomy, personal responsibility and unlimited possibilities.

If you are interested in working with me to discover your inner resources through hypnosis, please contact me at rebecca.hayden@gmail.com

Please note, I work remotely via Zoom so you will require a computer with a camera, a built-in microphone (which most computers have).