Honour Your Inner Genius

My Ayahuasca experience in the summer of 2018 provided insights that may help us to peacefully navigate the rising social divide. I wrote about this experience right afterwards and the account below is a combination of journaling and auto-writing the lessons and messages that came through during ceremony.

This experience was all about beliefs, agreements, consensus and conflict. Aya showed me how these things converge in my experience and in humanity. She told me how very unique I am and because of this I would often do things differently than others and that this is good. Others may not agree and try to make me feel that I should do things like everyone else and it’s important for me to not participate in their belief systems around this. Once I begin to participate I am no longer following my own beliefs; I’m following theirs instead and working against myself. I have done this often in my life and I have formed some harmful agreements as a result. I have a broken those agreements now. During ceremony I was given an opportunity to demonstrate this.

This small, private ceremony had a religious context and initially I was concerned about this only because I knew that I approached this work differently so I asked in advance if it was required that I participate in all aspects of this ceremony. I made it clear that it was my intention to just go into my own experience as I always do with Ayahuasca and I wanted to make sure that this was ok and that by doing this, I wouldn’t be disrupting others or if this approach would be unwelcome in any way. I was assured that all activities were optional. During this ceremony there were instances where I was urged and pressured to do things that were expressly against my own healing experience. Aya advised me to continue with my own healing work that was underway and vital to my personal well-being. This involved having to say no several times throughout the night to those who continued to interrupt this process. It was quite a challenge as during the evening there was mounting pressure to participate in activities that others were doing and Aya continued to remind me of the importance and significance of doing what I had chosen to do despite this increasing pressure that ultimately became coercive as it was implied that by simply remaining peacefully in my own experience, I would negatively impact others. I remember feeling so uncomfortable and asking Aya “Isn’t what I’m doing disrespectful?” The response came “That respect goes both ways”. I looked into the eyes of the woman who persisted in the requests I had respectfully declined several times, I saw shifting patterns on her face, and I remember saying to her “There’s no point in me taking this medicine if I ignore what it’s teaching me”. It was a perfect opportunity to integrate the lessons I was being taught about honouring my own experience and not participating in others’ belief systems instead of my own. I want to make it clear that I doubt very much that this is reflective of most or any religious based Ayahuasca experiences. In fact, I’m sure there are many who go to this same center/place and have positive experiences. My unique experience was designed to help me overcome this personal issue and I’m grateful for it.

That night, I continued to learn about the different ways that I would heal and the importance of allowing for my reality as well as the reality of others. It was clear that there is room for more than one reality. It was also clear that although I will use my voice to express what I’ve learned and that it may resonate with some it may also be contrasted by others’ beliefs and opinions. This doesn’t mean that I will be sitting in opposition to others. That was a misconception of my own and perhaps of others. I do not have to participate in that misconception. I can invest in my own beliefs, appreciate and respect others’ beliefs and espouse acceptance of all of this in a harmonious way. The only way to do this is to not insist that because my way of thinking and believing is good for me and others, that everyone else must believe this too.  There is room for all beliefs. If we insist on consensus we are inviting conflict.

One of the ways my own healing work may differ from the work many others do has to do with internal interference in the form of dark or harmful energies. During this particular ceremony, the shamans/facilitators were talking about making friends with these darker energies and in so doing turning them into allies. They both removed dark energies and encouraged work that involved befriending some of these elements at work within. Aya pointed out to me that sometimes, with this work, it is an endless attempt to subdue something that is naturally dark and make it something else that is light. Often this existing darkness that is turned into lightness for some of the time, inevitably goes back to darkness at times and this is the struggle that we engage in when we do this work.

What Aya told me that we would do instead would be to say goodbye to the darker energies within and do so with love so that they would dissipate and be replaced by spiritual allies whose nature is love. She asks me to acknowledge my harmful behaviour and look at the reasons for this behaviour and the source or motivation for it.  What we discover are fear-based beliefs that result from the influence of the past and of harmful energies or entities that I have created or attracted as a result of these experiences in my past. These creations or entities are not part of who I am. They are a result of wounds that I may heal and once this healing takes place, these entities or creatures of my creation Will dissipate as long as I Will it to be so.  I can then use my energy to heal other wounds rather than cultivating a friendship out of these darker energies. It is a choice to do this work in this unique way that is the best way for me as an individual. It does not mean that everyone must do it in this way. It does not mean that people who do it in another way are not valid in doing so. It simply means that this is the work I must do to be well in my own way.  This may resonate with others too.  We are all very unique and we must all find ways to heal that suits us individually and honours our uniqueness. These ways of healing may differ one from another. This is part of the ecosystem of humanity.

Most of the lessons and messages this night had to do with my tendency to invest in other people’s belief systems over my own and this causes self-harm. We are all geniuses.  We form beliefs and find evidence to support these beliefs.  Our genius may lie in our ability to discover the genius in others that resonates with own genius. But when we decide that someone is a genius based solely on status, credentials and accolades alone, we are not honouring our inner genius.  We are then agreeing that only a limited number of people can be geniuses and that we must choose among them to determine our own belief systems. We are creators. We create our own reality. If you create a reality that you don’t like it is not healthy. If you decide that you must agree with a reality because of someone else’s impressive sales pitch rather than your own impeccable inner knowing, you have created a breech that causes suffering.

If you choose to follow your own inner knowing, you can embody this by stepping into your power and living this reality – simply being the change. If you do this without being drawn into other opposing beliefs, you will deflect harmful and negative reactions of others who may hold different beliefs. No need to defend yourself when you’re standing firmly your power. All this work must be fuelled by love for it to be effective and authentic.  It is born out of self-love.

Altered States, After Life, ET Encounters & Us

For a long time now, I have noticed startling similarities between near death experiences, plant medicine or psychedelic journeys, hypnotic experiences and descriptions of encounters with Aliens or ETs. Many of us who have had plant medicine experiences have had connections with what we might consider to be spirits or sometimes we refer to them as entities. It can be a very nuanced experience but sometimes there is a ‘knowing’ involved – a natural understanding of what we’re experiencing. Lots of people have seen or had contact with what they know to be alien entities during plant medicine journeys. There are many unique experiences we have with plant medicines that are beyond description. I’m sure the same is true of near death experiences and encounters with ETs but some of us who have had such extraordinary experiences feel compelled to share them none the less. And as more and more people share these stories, a fascinating bigger picture is emerging.

Although it has been out there for a while now, I just recently came across an account of an alien encounter by Emily Trim who was attending school in Zimbabwe in 1994 when aliens were reported to have landed in the schoolyard during recess. In her description of this encounter, she explains that the aliens communicated with her telepathically and that she was flooded with images. These experiences of telepathic communication and being flooded with images are very common with plant medicine and psychedelic experiences. Emily went on to explain that the aliens communicated an important message about how we’re using technology – that there are good and bad ways to use technology and that we can do better. In the end, after receiving a lot of questions about the physical nature of the aliens and their ship, Emily emphasized the importance of what they were saying rather than how they looked. This struck me as so familiar as it’s a point I have made myself so many times. I have a presence (entity/spirit) that I dialogue with telepathically on a regular basis and I speak openly about these experiences. It began with shamanic journeying and continued in a more pronounced way after my first Ayahuasca retreat (with other plant medicine experiences in between). Lots of people asked me questions about this presence or voice/voices, about who are they and where are they from and I almost always respond by emphasizing the importance of the messages they are conveying and what I am learning from them rather than focusing on other aspects, which are not as important. The messages I receive are often ones relating to my own personal growth but sometimes, as with Emily Trim and the message she received from her alien encounter, these messages are about humanity and how we can improve (click here to read some of these messages).

In addition to finding similarities between plant medicine/psychedelic experiences and those of ET contactees, I also found myself relating to many of the near death experience stories published on Youtube as many of them are similar to plant medicine experiences. One of these NDE talks was given by Bill Letson who spoke about his encounter with an alien like being during his near death experience. Near death experiences take place during the time after a person is pronounced or presumed dead and before they are revived or discovered to be alive. After his NDE, Bill also experienced Ayahuasca. Sometimes, the Ayahuasca experience is referred to as ‘the little death’. Many of us come out of these experiences, no longer fearing death as we realize that our existence extends beyond this life. There are a wide variety of other impacts of plant medicine experiences and again, the reports are similar to the kinds of things that happen after NDEs but they also vary because the effects are as unique as we are. The similarities exist in that they change people’s worldview, improve their emotional state and sometimes leave them with special abilities they had not tapped into previously. Most people receive teachings/messages that are profound and again, they are often a mix of personal messages and those intended to help humanity.

During my first experience with Iboga, a powerful African plant medicine, like so many others, there were many images coming at me all at once. This is a very common experience to have with Iboga and some have experienced the same with psilocybin, Ayahuasca and psychedelics. In one of my Iboga experiences, I ended up in the stars and had such a tranquil experience there. It was such an enjoyable experience that I have often intentionally returned there in hypnotic journeys, just to have that wondrous sense of floating freely amongst the stars again. Before my experiences in shamanism and with plant medicines, although I loved to look at the stars, the idea of being in space scared me and seemed cold and lifeless. All of that changed after my first shamanic journey. My first ever visual during a shamanic journey was one of being in the stars. Little did I know where it would lead. It was this first exploration into shamanic journeying (with sonic drumming) that facilitated my connection with a presence that made itself known to me during that time. This changed my life dramatically and for the better. I had been depressed leading up to this experience and coming out of it, I knew that things would be different and that I was now on a path to a much better life.

After spending years learning from this presence and integrating these experiences, I wanted to share it in a way that helped others. I was doing this through my podcast and talks but so many people came to me and asked how they could make the kind of connection I was experiencing and be guided by it as I was. I had to think about this for a while as I intended to come up with a solution that was just as empowering as I felt my own experience continued to be. Eventually, I settled on hypnosis. I discovered that it’s just a method of us tapping into those inner capacities we all have – capacities that are also accessed through all of these other experiences – psychedelic/NDE etc. I knew that hypnosis would be a good journeying tool and I also discovered that it could help people who had ET encounters, to recall details about these events. It’s very helpful in integrating plant medicine experiences and most importantly, it can help people make connections with entities and spiritual allies that offer guidance by providing them with important messages. Seeing the dots connect?

Some time ago, I came across reports about alien encounters where people were receiving messages through songs on the radio. I had this experience often after returning from Peru while I was cultivating my relationship with this wise presence. Is it an alien? Is it a spirit? Does it matter? It doesn’t matter to me but what I do find intriguing is the blurring lines between these kinds of experiences and the implications of this for all of us. These connections, experiences and encounters are helping us to understand ourselves better. They also reveal to us something about our possible origins. With plant medicines, psychedelics and NDEs we have experiences beyond our bodies and even in our bodies, we connect in profound ways beyond our perceived limits of this physical realm. Any entity or ‘being’ we encounter that is not ‘of Earth’ we consider to be alien or spirit but if we agree that our existence did not begin with our birth on this planet, then I guess we can all be considered to be aliens or spiritual beings. These experiences present an expanded idea of who we really are.

We’re often deeply moved by the magical nature of these experiences that offer us very different existential perspectives and often change our worldview for the better – sometimes, many times over. This seems to be a necessary aspect of healing as many of us approach plant medicines, psychedelics and hypnosis for healing or to achieve positive change of some kind. Even the scientific reports of therapeutic use of psychedelics conclude that people who have had mystical experiences during their ‘trip’ have more positive long-term outcomes. This also seems to be true of those who make these connections via hypnosis as well. Just having the experience of being connected to something bigger is important. It’s more than a concept or belief. We’re having lived experiences of this now in so many different ways. And those ways are becoming more and more accessible which is changing us collectively for the better and bringing about a sort of accelerated evolution. It is moving us beyond our limited notions of what’s possible and this is changing everything.


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