Personal Growth & Healing Through Hypnosis

When we hear the word ‘hypnosis’, it often conjures up images of stage performances where people end up clucking like chickens in front of an audience. What could that possibly have to do with personal growth & healing? More than you think. Although hypnosis stage acts may be performed for entertainment purposes, the possibilities that exist within the process behind the act are endless when applied in creative ways for the purpose of healing and assisting us along the path of personal growth.

When we begin to work at improving our lives, our relationships and achieving our goals, we often discover that the real barriers to achieving these things are not external, they are internal. For those of us who make these discoveries and embark on the path of personal growth, we also learn that much of the harmful programming that was instrumental in creating these inner barriers, began and took hold at a very young age. Most of us are by now, well acquainted with the concept of childhood programming and it’s effects. Throughout early childhood (especially from 0 to 7 years old) we learned things about ourselves and our world that created beliefs and attitudes that affect our outlook and self esteem to this day.

As it turns out, a lot of this early programming occurred when our brains were in the ‘theta’ state. This ‘theta’ state happens when we begin to fall asleep, throughout the night (dreaming) and before we fully wake. This state is also available to us through hypnosis, which provides amazing opportunities to make changes to deeply imbedded programming. In addition to changing our programming, we also have an opportunity, through hypnosis, to access self-knowledge. This can be truly transformative.

If we’re going to make big and lasting changes in our lives, we need to know more about the most crucial and consistent aspect of all of our lived experiences: ourselves. Many philosophers and spiritual leaders over the years have made reference to innate knowledge or the understanding of the soul. They believed that all knowledge exists within us. Hypnosis helps us to access this innate self-understanding and make use of it in ways that help us improve ourselves and in so doing, improve our lives. This deeply held awareness is the key to our greatest potential.

I’m sure many of us have heard the phrase “Everything you need is inside of you”. Well, as it turns out, this is true and hypnosis is a powerful way to access this inner wisdom and use it to change our lives in profound ways. Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is an empowering tool and instead of controlling us, it allows us to explore and change the kinds of beliefs and programming that controlled us for years. This powerful process of self-discovery & healing transforms our inner environment, which reflects outward and impacts our lived experience in meaningful ways.

Although there have been powerful influences in our lives when we were children, the power these influences continue to exert over us are internal. We have internalized these attitudes, beliefs and ideas and this is where change is possible. We have the key. Even our impressions of the past can be altered if we’re open to change. Beginning with the intention to change this inner state is a powerful first step in making these changes a reality.

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