Intentional Blends

Intentional blends are a unique, customized combination of 5 organic essential oils, blended in a carrier oil that is used to accompany and inspire daily intentions. The blend is applied to the crown, the forehead (3rd eye) and the heart centre while the intention is formed. This can be a powerful and enjoyable daily ritual that can help you live your life more intentionally. It can also be applied to the wrist or anywhere else you would normally use a fragrance.

For me, this ritual has changed the way that I approach each day. Instead of wondering what’s in store for me, I focus internally, where I can bring about the kind of changes that I intend to manifest around me. I do this while surrounding myself with the fragrance of plants which are much more powerful than we often realize. Please contact me directly if you would like me to make a custom intentional blend for you.


“Love your blends. I have used them everyday since I got mine. Feel awesome and grounded. Recommend everyone to try them out. Specially as Rebecca Hayden makes them intuitively and they are specific to your currents needs. A must try if you are looking to improve your life! Thank you for making these awesome combinations!”  – Vinita Shaw

“Let me say that this represents a simple and meaningful ritual you can incorporate into your daily routine. That and each oil blend is created with you in mind. Happy to have found this!”  –  Lawrence Cotton

“An amazing product line from an awesome intuitive person! I love my intentional blend essential oil and apply it every morning as I set an intention. A great gift for yourself and friends.” – Guy Crittenden

The Story of Intentional Blends:

I created my first intentional blend when I returned from my Ayahuasca retreat in Peru. During my time among the Shipibo Maestras (Shamans), I was given a ‘pusanga’. This was a bottle of floral water that I used to create daily intentions. It is a tradition among the Shipibo people to dab this floral water on the crown (top of the head), the third eye (middle of the forehead just above the eyes) and the on the heart centre while creating an intention for the day. I took my Pasanga home but found that I didn’t like the fragrance. I created my own with the guidance of a presence that has become a part of my life since my experiences in Peru. I was provided with a list of 5 specific essential oils and the number of drops were specified as well. I used this until it was empty and then a brand new formula was given to me. Months later, a friend came to stay with me from out of town and while showering one morning, a list of 5 essential oils were given to me for her. I asked her if she’d like for me to make her this blend and she agreed. She loved the fragrance. I instructed her how to use it and months later, when she had used it all, a new list of oils was given to me for her and for many others.

Since then I have discovered that this ritual has been practiced throughout history by many different religions and cultures and it’s almost always considered to be sacred (relating to religion/spirituality and/or healing). “Anointing” it is called and it’s performed at the height of the coronation (the crowing of royalty) signifying the royal person’s direct connection to God. In various religions, high priests are anointed in this way. Anointing of one sort or another is performed in many religions worldwide. It was practiced by the Egyptians and other indigenous cultures including this ancient Shipibo tribe. The Christian tradition also uses 5 oils, which was a revelation to me as I had always wondered why there were always 5 notes/EOs designated for each blend. There is still a great deal of mystery surrounding all of this for me but I am at peace with the mystery. It leaves me open to learning more and allows me to remain in a state of wonder – which is something I never want to lose.

Of course essential oils have their own healing powers beyond the role they play in this particular ritual. However, the explanation that most closely resembles the one provided to me by the same source of these unique blends (involving frequency and vibration) is the following excerpt from a book by Dr. David Stewart entitled: Chemistry of Essential Oils

“When molecules of essential oils are inhaled swallowed applied to the skin or internalized into your body in anyway they resonate with your bodily tissues at the frequencies intrinsic to their molecular spectrum as well as their resultant harmonic and beat frequencies. This increases your natural electromagnetic vibrations and restores coherence to your electric fields to produce healing and maintain the wellness.”

Finally, this quote:

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

Please contact me if you would like me to create an intentional blend for you.


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  1. Rebecca,

    I’d like to know more about the blended oils. What does it cost? How do we begin?

    Thanks, Carol

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