About this project..

My name is Rebecca Hayden and I created this site to share some extraordinary experiences. Three years ago, I became involved in energy healing, shamanism and plant medicines that all helped me overcome a deep four year depression. Before I became depressed, I would not have been open to these experiences that have changed my life for the better in every way. Through these experiences I continue to improve my health, relationships and my outlook. I engage in shamanism to explore, to grow and to help others. We’re all very unique people but there are some aspects of the human experience that are universal. Some fundamental issues of our individual human experiences are sometimes hidden or buried out of fear and shame. Shamanism and plant medicines helped to reveal to me the things I needed to change. I had to make some drastic changes in my life and it took a serious and prolonged illness for me to recognize this. Once I was willing to take a look, the doors began to open. I’m hoping that by sharing these experiences, I might be able to help others and to reveal that there’s so much more to this life and to our consciousness than is commonly acknowledged.

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